Our Customers Say it Best


“None of those other swings worked for my son; he just didn’t like the noise they made. Swinga Baby lets me rock him in his own car seat, which he loves, and you can’t beat the price!”

“What I saved in battery cost alone paid for my Swinga Baby in the first month!”

“I cannot live without this swing! I used to have to drive my daughter around all the time to get her to sleep; now I can just put her in her car seat, hook her up to the swing, and stay at home instead of wasting gas!”

“Finally, I can swing my little baby daughter safely at home or at the park!”

“I have never come across a baby swing so convenient and easy to use!”

“I can’t believe it, my 3 year old still asks to be swung in the Swinga Baby!”

“Our 32 month old repeatedly wants to swing in the carrier whenever she sees us swinging her younger sister.”

“Thank you so much for this great infant carrier attachment, baby swing product!”
A baby swing can work wonders, soothing a fussy baby, lulling her to sleep at night or nap time, or occupying her for a few minutes while you get things done nearby or grab a bite to eat. It also comes in handy if your baby needs to sleep in a semi-upright position because she has a cold or stuffy nose. A swing provides a gentle rhythmic motion, which babies are accustomed to from their months in the womb. If you’re like countless parents, you may consider a swing a godsend, especially for calming a colicky newborn and de-frazzling your nerves.

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