Swinga Baby

Swinga Baby utilizes simple balance/counter-balance physics to provide a safe, secure swinging device that can be attached to any ceiling or fixed bar structure. It accommodates any make or model of car seat carrier and – unlike any other baby swing product on the market today -- provides a 360-degree swinging motion to soothe a fussy baby or occupy them while parents watch TV, read and relax.

Swinga Baby has been engineered for safety for infants less than one year of age. It has been rigorously tested by real babies – including Alex – who have found it a delightful alternative to current baby swing products on the market today. The product is value-priced at $30, making it affordable for most parents and caregivers, and is available online at www.swingababy.com.

LIMITED TIME OFFER:  FREE Support Accessory with purchase of Swinga Baby

Multiple Colors Available.

Take advantage of additional versatility by using Swinga Baby with its spring accessory - it will convert a baby carrier into a bouncer. The spring accessory works two ways: attach it to the lower assembly portion for use with a doorframe or support stand, or combine both Swinga Baby members to maximize height.