The quick and easy way to turn your baby’s carrier into a baby swing
Swinga Baby is a true innovation in the wo
rld of baby gear—a simple, yet brilliant product that securely attaches to nearly all car seat carriers, turning them into a baby swing.
Ask any parent, and they can give you a long list of expensive baby items that they wasted money on. The one thing that’s never a waste of money? A car seat—every parent has one. Swinga Baby’s revolutionary design builds on this essential: parents simply weave the flexible rope through the baby carrier and attach the ends to a stable overhead source such as a beam, door frame, supported ceiling, or thick tree limb. It’s just that easy to turn a carrier into a swing!
Invented by a dad for other parents, grandparents and caregivers, Swinga Baby lets you turn your baby carrier into a safe, secure swing that soothes and comforts your baby. 
Swinga Baby accommodates any make or model of car seat carrier to provide a 360-degree swinging motion to calm a fussy baby or occupy them. 
ü      Smooth, quiet operation
ü      No batteries to replace
ü      Uses existing car carrier familiar to baby
ü      Maintains that special bonding touch between parent and child
ü      Eco-friendly
ü      Made in the USA