Why Choose Swinga Baby?




  Here are just a few reasons:

It’s Inexpensive. Using your existing car seat, Swinga Baby creates a whole new product for a lot less than you’d pay for an out-of-the-box swing. Plus, no more buying a separate portable swing for when you’re traveling; Swinga Baby works at home and on the go.

It’s Safe. The patent-pending invention is designed to keep your baby completely secure, stable, and balanced. Recalls of traditional baby swings reveal a variety of potential problems: loose screws, unstable frames, improperly attached seats, and sharp edges on the seats and frames. You don’t have to worry about any of those issues with Swinga Baby.

It’s Familiar. Most babies absolutely love their car seats because they’re secure and familiar. There’s a reason that every parent is told to drive their baby around in the car seat when they’re fussy. It works! And with Swinga Baby, you can let your baby continue to sleep while you turn that car seat into a swing in seconds.

It Promotes Safe Practices. With Swinga Baby, you control how long your baby swings. With traditional swings, parents are warned to limit swing time to 30-minute intervals, which reduces the chance that your baby will become dizzy. Swinga Baby is interactive between you and your baby, so it’s much easier to keep track of your baby’s swing time.

It Saves Space. With Swinga Baby, you don’t have to add yet another huge piece of equipment to your house. The material is compact enough to fit easily in a purse or diaper bag."

No Batteries to Replace. In most Battery operated swings, the batteries die out quickly when using all of the features (mobile, music, higher speeds.) and swing slow or sit in a stand still when batteries are halfway drained, unable to catch the gears. With the Swinga baby, you control mobility, higher or lower speeds, and even toy selection with or without a musical option. Also, it pays for itself in a month of replacing batteries in others.

It’s Eco-Friendly. Swinga Baby materials are recyclable and/or parts can be reused for different applications.

It’s Made in the USA. Swinga Baby takes pride in its country by producing a quality and useful new product within the U.S country borders. We encourage the US citizen to buy more US Made products to help increase demand for American made goods in order to help make its citizens financially healthy and economically competitive.




Last Updated (Tuesday, 20 December 2011 03:28)