About Swinga Baby

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but a father gets most of the credit for Swinga Baby. After the birth of his son, Alexander, in October 2006, Mark Furman was ecstatic about his new baby—but not so happy about the back pain he experienced from constantly walking the floor with his growing bundle of joy. Mark tried traditional swings, but all they discovered problem after problem: the batteries died quickly, his son found them uncomfortable, the motors were loud, they took up a lot of space, and they were expensive.

Still searching for an answer, Mark and his wife, Elizabeth, began to notice that their son fell asleep quickly in his car seat carrier and also when they swung him they swung him from side to side in their arms. With an aching back and a sleep-deprived mind, Mark got an idea: what if he could combine the two methods, literally harnessing the comfort of a baby carrier and turning it into a baby swing?

He got to work, and, with a little trial and error, Mark discovered an ideal solution that combined a drop-down sling connection and an overhead support to transform a baby carrier into a swing. It was brilliantly simple and yet eliminated all of the drawbacks of traditional swings.

Soon, friends and family members requested a Swinga Baby for their own children, and a company was born. Now, Mark is delighted to offer every parent, grandparent, and caregiver this pleasant and painless way of putting babies to sleep.

“You shouldn’t have a baby without having Swinga Baby!”—Mark Furman, inventor

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Mission Statement

Swinga Baby, Ltd. aims to bring quality, safe and innovative products to the baby durables market in an effort to improve parent-child interaction.  Swinga Baby converts unmodified infant car seat carriers into environmentally friendly baby swings.


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